And gently lead those that are with young. Isaiah 40:11

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shining the Light in Public

Special needs moms often become witnesses to the injustice and suffering imposed upon the marginalized and persons with disabilities in our society, just by living our everyday lives. A simple trip to the grocery store, or trying to access a locker room at the "Y" can require us to suddenly become an activist or a messenger of God's compassion and change in the face of scorn.

But struggle and conflict are elements of human life. We will all have pain, we will all have loss. In knowing God, and through the grace of God, we are given the strength to endure. When our heads bow in despair, we must remember that there is One who shall gather us in His arms and lift our chins and dry our tears.

God will also send us "angels on earth" to help us just when we seem to need them most. These angels may be in the form of doctors, nurses, friends, or strangers. They are God's reminder to us that He is with us, and His hand is on our shoulder.

Though not a political blog, the link below (a report on MSNBC's Nightly News) is for me, a heartwarming public reminder that we are not alone upon this road we walk.

PRAYER: Thank you, Lord, for Your "angels on earth", the people you send into my life who remind me of Your loving mercy. Bless these people as they reach out and show me Your love when I am in need. I pray that I too, may bring Your love to my family, my friends, and to this hurting world.

In His Peace,


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