And gently lead those that are with young. Isaiah 40:11

Monday, October 20, 2008

And Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept (John 11:35).

There are few things more profound to me than the meaning in this verse. Jesus had arrived at the tomb of His good friend, Lazarus. He knew of the accusations that He could have saved him. He saw the grieving of His close friends Mary and Martha. He knew what He was about to do. And Jesus stood at the foot of the tomb of Lazarus, and He wept.

The Lord stood openly and He wept.

There are, and will be, moments in our lives when we cry. Rain falls into every life, some more than others. We cannot control and manage every aspect of our lives or the lives of our children. We are human. And we are not the first mothers to weep. Rachel and the women of her time wept over the children of Israel who were taken away as slaves (Matt 2:13-18). Rachel refused to be comforted. The Bible never told us that she was acting badly or should have been accepting of comfort. She was permitted to cry, to grieve, and to mourn.

Jesus demonstrated to us at the tomb of Lazarus that we need not run from our tears. For do they not come from the same place that loves, accepts, supports, and advocates for our children?

That which is tender enough to love, is tender enough to cry.

PRAYER: Lord, help me remember that You are holding me when I cry, and that it is healthy to give voice to my feelings. I thank You for Your tender compassion and love. It is only in my own ease with human feelings that I may truly share Your Love and Mercy with others.



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Anonymous said...

This was so beautiful, you have a gift in the ability to share!

God Bless you and your family