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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Room At The Inn: A Christmas Story

I have a wonderful Christmas story to share. I wrote about it last year, and it is worth being told again this year.

A young man identified as "mentally retarded" wanted to be in the Christmas play at his church. The organizers and the others in the play didn't want to include him because they knew he would "mess up."

This Christmas pageant was the church's big event of the year, and the church had become known in the area for their portrayal of the Nativity story. So it was with great hesitation that they let this young man participate. They decided to make him the Innkeeper so he would only have to stand in one place and say one line: "There is no room at the Inn."

The night of the play came, and the church's auditorium was filled. The moment arrived when Mary and Joseph knocked on the door of the Inn. The young man with special needs answered the door as he had been instructed, stood in the spot as he had been told, and recited his line. "There is no room at the Inn," he said boldly and clearly.

Mary and Joseph turned to walk away. When the young man saw that Mary was weeping on Joseph's shoulder, he jumped out of his spot and ran to them.

"Wait! You can have my room," he said.

Some in the play and in the audience thought the pageant had been ruined that night. But others knew better.

Merry Christmas, and may God bless you all.Theresa

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