And gently lead those that are with young. Isaiah 40:11

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Prayer For Calm

God be gracious to us and bless us,
And cause His face to shine upon us---Selah.
(Psalm 67:1)

Lord, we are gathered around our Standard. We are bowed before our great God who offers His peace when so many panic. You are our refuge, our chasah. Rivet that into our minds. Show us how to pause, and let it sink in. Remind us of Your power and presence when the songs in the evening change into the fearful tears of the night. Remind us of that when the shrill ring of the phone awakens us. Remind us of that when we sit down and read the morning headlines. Remind us, oh great God, that You are our refuge and strength. Remind us, even when we don't understand the why of what's happening, that we have no reason to fear, that we need not be moved, and that our future is never uncertain with You.

Author Unknown


Dawn said...

This is beautiful thanks for sharing :)

Lillizzie said...

We all have moments of uncertainty and panic but God knows and awaits for us to acknowledge that he is there and more capable than any challenge we are faced with. We don't have to do it alone. I pray for you because no matter what the elements of your challenge we feel the same way. Disconnected from our comfort zone. I need you even if I don't know you and vice versa. God delights in knowing that his children are connecting for a common good. So Ipray for you and you pray for me and united prayers get God's undivided attention. I believe he has heard our cries and he will relieve our pain and give us comfort and peace!

Special Needs Mom said...

Lillizzie, thank you very much for writing. Your posting was thoughtful and spiritual -- it will help many. I particularly liked what you said about God delighting in knowing His children are connecting for a common good. I think many of we who struggle need these kind of reminders. We are one body, and we do not stand alone.